Yoshiyuki Nakajima
Nakajima Yoshiyuki
English Yoshiyuki Nakajima
Kanji 中島 美雪
Rōmaji Nakajima Yoshiyuki
Gender Male
Eyes Gray
Hair Gray
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
School Ooezo High School
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Yasunori Masutani
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Yoshiyuki Nakajima (中島 美雪 Nakajima Yoshiyuki?), referred to by students as Nakajima-sensei, is a teacher at Yezo Agricultural High School. He is one of the first people that Hachiken meets.


Nakajima is very caring towards his students, helping Hachiken as he passed by and often commenting on the students' accomplishments to other teachers. Despite this, he sometimes breaks bad news right after good news, taking some pleasure in doing so. He also has an obsession over cheese, and keeps a personal room just for it; when Hachiken made pizza and needed cheese, he was shown to be very protective of it, only giving in when they promised not to reveal his use of school grounds in exchange for cheese.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nakajima is a skilled cheese maker. He is also the councilor for the Equestrian Club, mentoring Hachiken and overseeing Aki.

Image & AppearanceEdit

Nakajima is a man who appears to be in his 50s or 60s. He looks similar to a Buddha, with a golden haze appearing around him occasionally. He wears a golden-yellow bandana covering most of his hair.


Nakajima first appeared in episode 2, where he helped Hachiken escape from the Holstein trio while riding Maron. From then on, he makes various appearances, including during horseback riding practice and when Hachiken makes pizza.



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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • "Yoshiyuki" (美雪?) means "beautiful snow", while "Nakajima" (中島?) means "middle island".
    • 美雪 can also be read as "Miyuki", which is a female name.

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