Welcome to Ezono!
Episode 1
English To Ezonō, Welcome
Kanji エゾノーへ、ようこ
Rōmaji Ezonō e, Yōkoso
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Episode 1
Chapter Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Release Information
Release Date July 11, 2013
Opening Theme Kiss you
Ending Theme Hello Especially
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To Ezonō, Welcome (エゾノーへ、ようこ, Ezonō e, Yōkoso) is the first episode of the Silver Spoon anime. It aired on July 11, 2013.


Yūgo Hachiken starts his high school life at Yezo Agricultural High School, far from his home in the cities. He ends up getting lost in the woods on his first day after chasing a calf out of the cattle barn. Later, once assigned into his five-man team, Hachiken struggles further with the amount of hard labor involved for the students. He gets a hard time adapting with the environment.

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