Shingo Hachiken
English Shingo Hachiken
Kanji 八軒 慎吾
Rōmaji Hachiken Shingo
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Gray
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Online Tutor
Previous Occupation University Student (dropout)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Kazumasa Hachiken (father)
Misako Hachiken (mother)
Yūgo Hachiken (little brother)
Alexandra Dorohovitch (wife)
Mugi Hachiken (daughter)
Manga Chapter 19
Anime Episode 8
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
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Shingo Hachiken (八軒 慎吾, Hachiken Shingo) is Yūgo Hachiken's older brother and husband to Alexandra Hachiken. He's a Tokyo University dropout with aspirations to become a good cook (albeit questionable results) and travels with his motorcycle; he often drops by Yezo High unannounced to check up on Yugo and report back to their concerned mother.

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Shingo is the elder brother of Yugo and the smarter one of the brothers. Similar to Yugo, he was raised in a strict environment with strong expectations of academic excellence and performed well. However, unlike Yugo, Shingo had a stronger will and he managed to get into Tokyo University (known as the most prestigious university in Japan) before pulling his great family upset. Shingo only honored his part to the letter, meaning he'll make it to Tokyo U, but never said he'll graduate from there; he eventually dropped out of college and found a passion for cooking and never looked back upon his jalopy motorcycle. Because he's aware of Yugo's feelings (his desire to limit family communications) as well as their mother's concern, Shingo often plays intermediary and randomly appears before Yugo to check on him as well as freeload off Yugo (much to his irritation) and report about Yugo's progress to ease their mother's mind. Shingo is also thought of as a failure in his father's eyes, but he's proud that he's making it on his own and on his terms, being carefree without worried about living up to his father's expectations. However, after he met and married Alexandra, he has since become an online tutor in the interest of taking care of his wife; it was a shock to Yugo that Shingo would think about the well-being of someone else. Unfortunately, his culinary development remains questionable.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Shingo's entrance into Tokyo U suggests he's a strong intellectual mind. Unfortunately, it can't be said about his cooking abilities; he often leaves his patrons sick and disgusted, but he continues to learn and refine his abilities. Shingo is also skilled in motorcycling as he travels across Hokkaido with just his jalopy bike and light luggage. However, one unclear detail, was it genetic and/or due to his intelligence (due to his relation to Hachi), but Shingo displayed good herding and corralling skills with his motorcycle.

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  • Yūgo Hachiken: He cares deeply for his younger brother. He hates the fact that his brother had suffered because he got into Tokyo university. This is probably the reason why he quit the university.
  • Alexandra Dorohovitch: They met after he got in an accident with his motorcycle, and they quickly fell in love. Together they became online tutors. They're currently expecting a child.

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