Pork Bowl (aka Butadon) was a medium-grade piglet being raised by the Department of Dairy Science first-year students, especially by Hachiken, to be later processed as bacon.

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Pork Bowl was the eighth piglet in a litter of piglets. Being the last and weakest one, Pork Bowl was underfed and was a pushover to its siblings. Hachiken took pity upon the piglet and wanted to watch over him and protect him; sadly, he only had a few months to live as he and his siblings are being fattened up to be bacon. Pork Bowl would grown an attachment towards Hachiken and feel very comfortable with humans around because of Hachiken; his legacy was teaching Hachiken about the realities of life.

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As a pig, Pork Bowl can gain 1 Kilo for every 3 Kilos of feed and have a bite strong enough to chew through a human finger.

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Pork Bowl was the slimmest piglet as he was always underfed.


Pork Bowl was the weakest of the eight litter piglets recently born and being raised by the Dairy Science Dept. Hachiken took pity upon the piglet and wanted to take care of it; he was warned to avoid naming the piglet with any affectionate names as it would only be harder to be separated when the piglet becomes processed. Tamako suggested Pork Bowl as an objective way of reminding Hachiken of the piglet's fate.

Over the course of several months, Hachiken would often look after Pork Bowl, always giving him an extra helping of feed because his siblings always pushed him away from properly eating. Over time though, Pork Bowl had trouble making the grade to be sold and Hachiken made it his priority to fatten the pig up until his final days with a special liquid feed, hoping to make the pig fat, happy, and comfortable despite the short time they had together. About 3-4 months later, the time came and Pork Bowl was processed. Seeing how Hachiken invested a great deal of heart and time for the piglet, he decided to buy all of Pork Bowl and had it become actual bacon, which became a great hit with the school. Pork Bowl may have passed, but he gave Hachiken a memorable experience and taught him to be more enterprising in future prospects.

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