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Mayumi Yoshino (吉野 まゆみ, Yoshino Mayumi) is a young teenager who attends Yezo Agricultural High School whose dream is to build her own cheese factory.

Personality & Character[]


Mayumi is a girl with light peru-brown hair that is tied in thin pigtails held by pink bands with bangs sticking out from her hair pulled back, wide grey eyes and her defining feature is her freckles which are placed on both of her cheeks.

Mayumi is normally seen wearing the Yezo High School female uniform, consisting of a white collared shirt, a dark green long-sleeved coat, a green pleated skirt a lighter shade than the coat, a pink bow, crew-cut socks, and brown loafers.


She has a cheerful personality which makes her easy to get along with. Among the other students, she as well finds the change in perspective that Hachiken brings interesting. This along with his early (partially forced) interest in pizza helped them become quick friends, leading known idiot Tokiwa to create a rumor that they are involved in an illicit relationship. In reality, they were talking about pigs.

Much to Nakajima's dismay, Mayumi is quite devious when it comes to getting something she wants. Once she discovers his hidden cheese room, she agrees to keep it a secret in exchange for cheese for the pizza. This knowledge eventually costs him his entire collection, which works in her interest because he then teaches the students how to make cheese.

Skills & Abilities[]

Mayumi is passionate about cheese-making and excels in food production, getting a higher score than Hachiken on tests in their first year. She gets along well with Nakajima as a teacher, and as a cheese apprentice.


She grew up on her family's dairy farm and was able to practice basic dairy processing there. She was able to start her interests in cheese at home and was hoping to return eventually to focus on cheese. Unfortunately, by the time she graduated and was studying in France, her family sold the dairy processing equipment.



Andre and Mayumi meet while studying in France, and bond over their interests in cheese and his interest in the otaku culture of Japan.


  • Mayumi's surname Yoshino means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Mayumi plays badminton as she uses a badminton racket in Episode 7 of Season 2.



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