Kazumasa Hachiken
English Kazumasa Hachiken
Kanji 八軒 数正
Rōmaji Hachiken Kazumasa
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Dark brown
Professional Status
Occupation Salaryman
Club none
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Misako Hachiken (wife)
Shingo Hachiken (son)
Yūgo Hachiken (son)
Alexandra Dorohovitch (daughter-in-law)
Hachi (ancestor)
Toku Hachiken (ancestor)

Mugi Hachiken (granddaughter)

Japanese Kenyū Horiuchi
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Kazumasa Hachiken (八軒 数正 Hachiken Kazumasa?) is the father of Yūgo Hachiken and Shingo Hachiken and Misako Hachiken's husband.


Kazumasa Hachiken is a very strict and serious man, to his wife and his children. He wants his children to do their best, because he is somewhat caring about them. He is feared because his look, mostly his face. After his son lost consciousness after exhausting himself over the school festival, he had the opinion that Yugo should go to another high school. Yugo hates him because he always pressed him into studying.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Being an office worker, he has experience in business, that is why Yugo wanted him to look at his business plans. (But he rejects it every time.) Just as his sons, he is very intelligent, calculating his oponent. Yugo once said his words hit there where it hurts the most.

Image & Appearance Edit

Unlike his son, he has dark brown, backwards styled hair and small, black eyes. Being very serious, he almost never smiles and is often mistaken by a Yakuza. He always wears a blue or black suit, usual for an office worker, a white, long sleeved shirt with collar and a tie. In winter he wears a long coat over his suit. He uses glasses when he is reading something.


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Yūgo Hachiken Edit

Hachiken Senior is the father of Yugo. He expects a lot of him, but is caring at the same time. In one chapter, he said he would take his son seriously, if he does his best with his future business plan.

Misako Hachiken Edit

His wife.

Shingo Hachiken Edit

Shingo is his oldest son. He wanted him to go to Todai, one of the elite universities in Japan. He did, but quit soon after. In Hachiken Senior's eyes, he is a failure.

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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Because of his apperance, he is often mistaken as a Yakuza
  • One student made a picture of him and uses it as a bribe medium, or just to scare someone off.
  • His name was only said once by Yugo's Mother

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