Ichirō Komaba
English Ichirō Komaba
Kanji 駒場 一郎
Rōmaji Komaba Ichirō
Alias "Icchan"
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Professional Status
Occupation Student, Baseball Player
School Yezo Agricultural High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Komaba's Mother (mother)
Nino Komaba (younger sister)
Misora Komaba (younger sister)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Tooru Sakurai
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Ichirō Komaba (駒場 一郎, Komaba Ichirō) is a young teenager who formerly attended Yezo Agricultural High School until he quits school after his family's farm becomes bankrupt.

One of Yugo's close friends and a skilled baseball player who dreams of becoming a professional and make use of the money earned on the league to improve his family's dairy farm. He is also Aki's childhood friend and neighbor, and their closeness is a constant source of jealousy for Yugo.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Somewhat surly face, with his roughness, but with polite honest, chivalrous personality in one side too.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

He is a skilled baseball player, quickly becoming the team's ace pitcher in the first year, and has high strength and endurance. He is a decent player in ping pong, shown to play an intense game during free time with Tamako. Komaba excels in the produce subject.

Image & AppearanceEdit

Has sharp eyes with tall physique and a very muscular body.


Komaba's family owns a small dairy farm, which he manages with his mother and younger twin sisters. Komaba dreams of becoming a professional ball player so he can use the money he earns in the league to improve his family's farm. However, Komaba's family goes bankrupt and their farm is sold to pay their debt. As a result, Komaba is also forced to quit Yezo and look for a job to make ends meet and support his mother and sisters.


Yugo HachikenEdit

He cares for Yugo, but doesn't often show it. He hits him or kicks his legs when he praises him, making Hachiken complain. Sometime they would clash and argue due to difference in their background, but they would quickly make up afterwards (with a little help from Aki).

Aki MikageEdit

A childhood friend of Aki's, they get along nicely and are comfortable around each other. Aki asked Ichiro if he would like to inherit her family's farm (because her dream was to work with horses, not inherit the farm), but Ichiro declined; he said he would rather have a farm that was a "Komaba farm."

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