Hajime Nishikawa
English Hajime Nishikawa
Kanji 西川 一
Rōmaji Nishikawa Hajime
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Yezo Agricultural High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Kengo Takanashi
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Hajime Nishikawa (西川 一, Nishikawa Hajime) is a first-year student currently attending Yezo Agricultural High School. His family grows potatoes.

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An anime fanatic with a complete collection of figurines and posters. He is a good and sensible friend to Hachiken, often helping Hachiken out and giving advice to Hachiken. He is also a good artist though he is only good at otaku art. He is protective of his figurines as shown when Hachiken considered selling them to make money (comically) and Nishikawa threatened to kill him if he did. He also seems fairly smart and knowledgeable about both business and agriculture, as he picked the asparagus used for Hachiken's first pizza party late so when he came the asparagus would be fresh since the taste of asparagus goes down right after it is picked and when he managed to explain why smaller mishaped potatoes were not sold to consumers despite tasting the same as big potatoes and explaining to the others why spinach tastes so sweet. He hopes to get accepted to a university in Tokyo because, in his words, Tokyo is the holy land for otaku. He is very friendly but not excitable and is fairly laid back but hard working. He is calm and nice to everyone, but particularly helpful to his friends. He is also knowledgeable about technology, owing to his love for anime.



Hachiken: He is good friends and roomates with Hachiken.

Beppu: He is roomates and good friends to Beppu.

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