Hachiken (aka Hachi) was the great-great-grandfather of Yugo Hachiken.

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Hachi bears a strong resemblance to Hachiken. Just like his great-great-grandson, he always wears glasses and not physical strong.


While escaping from political persecution, Hachi encountered a bear and was saved by Toku and her relative, Pekushi. Welcomed into their Ainu village, Toku and Pekushi figured out Hachi was on the run and offered him a place to stay if he worked for them. Unsure of his own future, Hachi didn't make any decisions. Some time later, the horses that the Ainu managed escaped from their fence; Hachi displayed his advanced horse riding and corralling skills to reclaim the horses and won universal approval for his abilities. While talking to Toku, she tried on Hachi's glasses and Hachi fell in love with her wearing them. Immediately in love, he quickly asked for her hand in marriage and Toku nonchalantly agreed on the spot to Pekushi's shock. Afterwards, Hachi married Toku and stayed in Hokkaido without ever being caught by the government.

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