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The Department of Dairy Science is popular among students who grew up on dairy farms and plan to eventually take over the farm from their family. As it is the department our main character Yugo Hachiken is in, it is the one we see the most of. It also is the department we know to have at least two students who don't come from farming families in: Yugo and Miha.


The students in this department are on rotation taking care of the livestock, including: cows, chickens, and pigs. They are trained to take care of them and also help with events such as births, which we see multiple times with Hachiken assisting in a cow birth.


  • Sakuragi - Teacher and Homeroom teacher for 1-D
  • Yoshiyuki Nakajima - Animal Husbandry Building Supervisor and Equestrian Club advisor
  • Mr. Minami
  • Tetsuya Yachiyo
  • Mr. Niwatori
  • Ichiko Fuji - in charge of Pig Coop

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